VoIP CCG  Virtual and Hosted PBX Business Phone Sytems

Technology that NEVER becomes obsolete.
All of our Cloud software is regularly updated to the current standards that businesses of all sizes demand
Virtual and Hosted PBX Business Phone Systems are the Leading Edge of Business Communications Today.

VoIP CCG  Virtual and Hosted PBX Business Phone Sytems

Cloud PBX, Hosted PBX and Virtual PBX are all terms used to describe a service available on the "Cloud" which provides all the technology necessary to operate a full featured Business Telephone System.

A traditional Business Telephone System requires a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) to be mounted in your back room. This PBX contains all the software and hardware necessary to operate the system and provide for features such as Voice Mail and Automated Attendant. A premise mounted PBX is expensive to purchase and install, expensive to maintain and replace and locks in your business at today's technology and your phone bill at your current amount.

Thanks to advances in VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology and low cost line trunking, it's now possible for you to enjoy all the features of a traditional phone system without the expense of installing and maintaining the PBX on your own premises. We provide all the technology of the most advanced systems for you over the "Cloud". Our Hosted service is inexpensive to install, updated for you as the technology changes, includes all tech support and system administration and can drastically lower your monthly phone bill.

If your current telephone system is in need of serious repair, your telephone bill is too high, you are starting a new business and need a new telephone system installed or would like to invest in the latest technology, we invite you to investigate the benefits and savings of a well designed Hosted Business Telephone System from Concord Communications Group, Inc.


  • Save from 50 to 90% off the cost of installing a traditional Business Telephone System.
  • No long distance charges on any of our plans for any calls anywhere within the Continental U.S.
  • Very low Cost per-minute calling plans and Nationwide Unlimited calling plans available to businesses of all sizes.
  • Eliminate long term contracts with your current equipment and service providers.



  • Telephone, On line and On site Technical support is included in all plans at no additional charge.
  • All System Administration is included in all plans at no additional charge. You no longer need to have an expert on your staff who knows how to program the system. We handle all of these tasks for you.
  • No Charge Rapid Replacement of any damaged or defective telephones is included in some plans at no additional charge. These may just be the last telephones you'll ever purchase.
  • Our Never Obsolete Policy ensures that you always have the latest system software and enhancements as soon as they are developed.

System Features

  • Unlimited "roll over" lines for each number
  • Company wide and individual Voice Mail
  • Voice Mail to e-mail service
  • Find-Me-Follow-Me
  • Custom programmed Automated Attendant with company directory
  • Unlimited size Conference Bridge
  • Supports standard faxing as well as paperless faxing
  • SoftPhone, Mobile Apps and Remote Workers supported